Stygian Brotherhood

The Stygian Brotherhood

The Stygian Brotherhood is an ancient order. Written histories site them as dating back over two millennia, though they are currently on decline, reaching their epoch roughly 500 years ago. They are secretive; in recent times they mostly remain in Shar’toril, colloquially referred to as Duskwatch Keep, a hidden stronghold high in the Hariasa Mountains. It is Duskwatch where they take their new conscriptions to train them, mold them, poison them with their concoctions, and bind their souls to the Shadowfel.

It is commonly understood among the noble lords that The Brotherhood performs these rituals to mischievous ends. These claims are false. It was learned long ago by order’s forbearers that creatures of the night and those that would do evil do not fight by the same laws of honor and chivalry of those that oppose them. These rituals are means to create what is called a Stygian Shade, a nomadic slayer, one who willingly goes into the shadow where nightmares await.



Grand Master of The Stygian Brotherhood.


Master of Arms of The Stygian Brotherhood, Vilmoth is responsible for training all new recruits of the order.


Grand Apothecary of The Stygian Brotherhood, Satervath mixes herbs in secret formulas that are used to transform members of the Brotherhood into Shades.


Duskwatch Keep

The Oath of the Shade

‘Til death we hunt the night—
‘Til death we protect the weak—
We, who were born of light;
We, who were delieved to dusk.
When darkness raises its impotent fist,
When darkness reaches to strangle the land,
We will be waiting, Shades in the Shadow;
We will be waiting to strike.

Stygian Brotherhood

The Darkness of Power Vengeful