The Darkness of Power

World Introduction

There are 4 major entities. The Anton State, The (Midea Federation of Cities), The Farcy Empire, and The Shava Empire Republic.There are also two smaller entities, the Eldarin Valley of Arda, and the Quan Protectorate.

About 100 Years Ago, the Farcy Empire began a campaign of expansion that conquered the ancient Lonstrac Empire, (Northern Farcy / Midea Federation). The expansion continued into Anton and Quan, but Farcy was eventually driven back by the Elfs and Eldarin of Shava & Arda. The Farcy conquered the Eldarin cities outside of Arda, but their army attacking Fort Vishnu was slaughtered by Shava. With Farcy in full retreat, Shava and Anton quickly retook the ground and freed all the land to the Dakan River. With supply lines streched too thin, the army’s allowed Farcy to keep Lonstrac.



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