The Darkness of Power

Excepts from Vahn's Journal: Day 3

Day 3, East of Alaric

We awoke early to find the ship we had seen night before was gone. Following the tracks from the day before, we found an encampment of Kobolds; they did not last long against our steel. The markings on the shore lead us to believe the ship was to recieve some sort of cargo. We continued to follow the tracks southeast of the camp, finally coming to a cave deep within the forrest. Direwolves and undead fell before our advance.

The cave, it seems, is a hidden entrance to some sort of temple or ruins. Within them, we found devotees to the Farcy Empire—perpetrators of crimes against my kind. My new friends fought bravely and our foes were dispatched in due haste. Farcy sends tribute, but to whom?

These companions of mine fight for just causes. I want to trust them.



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