The Darkness of Power

Excepts from Vahn's Journal: Day 2

Day 2, Alaric

I arrived at Alaric, the first village below Duskwatch. It wasn’t long before trouble found me. A band of Kobolds attacked the village as I sat before my sigil. I fended them off with the help of three others: A Barbarian from the north by the name of Thoraxe; Yuriel, an earthen being, likely Genasi; and Faron, an Eladrin weilding arcane spells of restoration. After the battle, an illusion appeared before us, requesting our aid in defeating the Kobold’s leaders. I accepted as my code requires.

On the trail we were attacked by brigands, though they hastily met their demise. Well after nightfall we came upon a camp of Orcs, likely belonging to the same group as the Kobolds. We ambushed them and took their camp. Tonight, we sleep in their beds.

PS: Thoraxe has a history —-——. I should watch my step.



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