The Darkness of Power

Excepts from Vahn's Journal: Day 3

Day 3, East of Alaric

We awoke early to find the ship we had seen night before was gone. Following the tracks from the day before, we found an encampment of Kobolds; they did not last long against our steel. The markings on the shore lead us to believe the ship was to recieve some sort of cargo. We continued to follow the tracks southeast of the camp, finally coming to a cave deep within the forrest. Direwolves and undead fell before our advance.

The cave, it seems, is a hidden entrance to some sort of temple or ruins. Within them, we found devotees to the Farcy Empire—perpetrators of crimes against my kind. My new friends fought bravely and our foes were dispatched in due haste. Farcy sends tribute, but to whom?

These companions of mine fight for just causes. I want to trust them.

Excepts from Vahn's Journal: Day 2

Day 2, Alaric

I arrived at Alaric, the first village below Duskwatch. It wasn’t long before trouble found me. A band of Kobolds attacked the village as I sat before my sigil. I fended them off with the help of three others: A Barbarian from the north by the name of Thoraxe; Yuriel, an earthen being, likely Genasi; and Faron, an Eladrin weilding arcane spells of restoration. After the battle, an illusion appeared before us, requesting our aid in defeating the Kobold’s leaders. I accepted as my code requires.

On the trail we were attacked by brigands, though they hastily met their demise. Well after nightfall we came upon a camp of Orcs, likely belonging to the same group as the Kobolds. We ambushed them and took their camp. Tonight, we sleep in their beds.

PS: Thoraxe has a history —-——. I should watch my step.

World Introduction

There are 4 major entities. The Anton State, The (Midea Federation of Cities), The Farcy Empire, and The Shava Empire Republic.There are also two smaller entities, the Eldarin Valley of Arda, and the Quan Protectorate.

About 100 Years Ago, the Farcy Empire began a campaign of expansion that conquered the ancient Lonstrac Empire, (Northern Farcy / Midea Federation). The expansion continued into Anton and Quan, but Farcy was eventually driven back by the Elfs and Eldarin of Shava & Arda. The Farcy conquered the Eldarin cities outside of Arda, but their army attacking Fort Vishnu was slaughtered by Shava. With Farcy in full retreat, Shava and Anton quickly retook the ground and freed all the land to the Dakan River. With supply lines streched too thin, the army’s allowed Farcy to keep Lonstrac.

Day 1 Geographical Introduction

Alaric is a small town directly east of Hariasa and south east of its volcanic mountain range. It is a days journey to the ocean directly west and a day and a half to Hariasa. Directly to the south west, is the Dellinger Lake. It is about a five day journey to the Fort Baldr, and the Midea border.

The north east part of Anton is sparsely populated and is mainly farms and wilderness. This area sees snowfall and large airships are generally used to ship crops and food to the major metropolis of Dellingr.

Excepts from Vahn's Journal: Day 0

Day 0, Road to Alaric

Today I recieved my ring, the mark of a Shade. Vilmoth tells me I am one of a handful left in the world. I have only met one since arriving at the Keep. I recited the Oath:

‘Til death we hunt the night—
‘Til death we protect the weak—
We, who were born of light;
We, who were delieved to dusk.
When darkness raises its impotent fist,
When darkness reaches to strangle the land,
We will be waiting, Shades in the Shadow;
We will be waiting to strike.

After the ceremony I was brought my horse. Tonight I’ll sleep under the stars.

Excepts from Vahn's Journal: Day -1

Day -1, Duskwatch

Tomorrow I set out into the world. All I have accomplished over my years at Shar’toril, all I have been taught has lead to these momments. Vilmoth tells me the first weeks are the toughest; A trial by fire. He says I will have to earn my way. I am prepared. The Stygian Brotherhood has given me the tools. I hope I am not a disappointment.


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